About us:

Rwandese Abagimigambi was established in June 2006 with the purpose of assisting Rwandese women refugees and their families in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to empower women to excel and help build strong communities . We focus predominantly on women and children to help them to build a more secure and prosperous future by promoting education and increasing their self-confidence so that they can become fully and actively included in the wider community.

Information, Advice and Support

Our service includes providing information, advice, and case work for:

  • Welfare Benefits
  • Housing
  • Women support
  • Volunteer Training
  • Mental Health
  • Translation Service in Kinyarwanda

Employability support

Our POSITIVE JOURNEY project aims to improve the chances of employment for unemployed women residing in Barking & Dagenham & neighbouring boroughs.

We can help you to:

  • Learn English and/or other languages
  • Get intensive short term development support
  • CV preparation
  • Enrol into training
  • Get qualification
  • Find work placement
  • Guidance and advice
  • Get into employment of your choice

Our previous and current funders include:

  • BBC Children in need
  • Trust For London
  • Big Lottery
  • ECF

Registered Charity 1142282